About WVRC Audio

Over 80 years of broadcast experience.

WVRC Audio, previously known as West Virginia Radio Corporation, was founded in 1940 by Agnes and Herbert Greer. The couple already owned the Dominion Post and the Greer Limestone Company when they launched WAJR-AM in Morgantown, West Virginia. The call letters of the radio station were the maiden initials of Mrs. Greer (Agnes Jane Reeves).  In 1948 WAJR-FM was put on the air as the first FM station in West Virginia, becoming one of the first commercial FM stations licensed in the United States. The call letters were changed to WVAQ in 1981. After Mr. Greer’s death, Mrs. Greer ran the various companies for more than twenty years. Upon her death, in 1972, company ownership passed on to her three grandsons: Richard, John and David Raese.

In 1985 the firm launched the MetroNews Radio Network – a statewide news, information and sports network distributed via satellite. MetroNews has grown to more than 60 affiliates with over 90 total station signals broadcasting various MetroNews programming.  The network also originates and owns exclusive radio and television rights to the West Virginia SSAC State High School championships in basketball, football and baseball. To access MetroNews content, click here (link)

In total, WVRC Audio operates and/or controls a total of thirty-three radio stations– providing local news, weather, sports and entertainment coverage to 54 of West Virginia’s 55 counties. The mission of WVRC Audio is to remain local.  In many of the communities we serve, our stations are the exclusive local voice for the West Virginians who reside there.  To listen live to any WVRC Media station, click here (link).

In addition to our MetroNews statewide coverage and our community radio stations, WVRC Audio creates and produces a growing roster of podcasts.  WVRC Audio podcasts are an extension of the content created in our other divisions, providing “on-demand” access to compelling content for audiences in podcast environments. To access our podcast line up click here

WVRC Media’s Corporate headquarters are located at 260 Spruce Street in Morgantown.